The Rye Retreat has an enviable reputation as one of the leading spas in the South East. The award winning hair and beauty salon asked us to produce a new brand and relaunch their website for 2015.

Very early on in the project we took a tour of the salon to get a feel of it from the client’s perspective. We were overwhelmingly impressed with the facilities that The Rye Retreat has to offer including a tranquil “secret garden” a luxurious spa, and impressive hair salon which includes a dedicated men’s area.

One of the main goals for The Rye Retreat was to create a new brand. The existing branding had mutated over time and there were now different versions of the logo, strap-line and brand colours being used on printed literature, signage and the website. The current brand did not scale well either and so The Rye Retreat were being forced to abandon their logo completely on media such as Facebook.

We tested the new branding across a range of current and future uses to ensure that it not only scaled nicely but also remained highly recognisable as their brand.

Having agreed upon a new set of branding rules we turned our attention to the website. The Rye Retreat goes to great lengths to ensure that they provide a completely immersive spa experience to their clients, who told us that they felt instantly relaxed from the moment they entered the building. It was important to us to replicate that feeling online which we achieved through the use of subtle animation on the home page.

Historically, The Rye Retreat have found it difficult to communicate the vast array of services and pricing options in a clear and concise manner and the current website had resorted to including downloadable PDFs for a number of the services.

The Rye Retreat were very keen to simplify the information they were providing and we worked together to create a content management solution that allows them to add the details of each service along with a responsive pricing table that ensures you can quickly access details and prices of each service from any device without the need to download any PDFs.