North London Cares was first launched in August 2011 amidst the London Riots. We've been working with them since the beginning, helping them mobilise young people to help clean up the city. Since then we've been working with them as they connect people and build communities - connecting young professionals with their older neighbours.

In 2015 we were tasked with redesigning and redeveloping the website for North London Cares to coincide with their fourth birthday, and sister charity South London Cares to coincide with their first birthday.

The original website was a great success, it propelled North London Cares from an unknown startup charity to a much loved part of their community. But by it's fourth year it was starting to get a bit long in the tooth, it didn't work particularly well on mobile phones and relying on third party donation services was proving costly and a bad user experience.

We kicked off the project at the North London Cares office in Camden where we showed some initial concepts including updates to branding and an analysis of how people were using their site. We did a cost analysis of the leading charity donation processors and proved that we can make them hundreds more each year by handling donations through their own website.

We did workshop exercises with the team to identify what would make the new website a success to them. Low and behold, they all said pretty much the same thing! This is the first step towards digital transformation, having everybody on the same page. So it was great that the team was so unified in their vision.

We're in East Sussex, so we completed the design process remotely - relying on Skype and our project management tools to share screenshots, videos and prototypes for the team to provide feedback on.

The website has been a great success for both charities and we continue working with their team to improve the websites.