The Brief

Mixmag are the world’s largest dance and electronic music magazine. We were tasked with relaunching their website, moving their clunky and broken Drupal to Craft CMS.

The new website would have to increase ad revenues, increase page views, solve problems they had with stability, and make it easier for editors to create rich media content (spoiler: it achieved all of those things).

From Print to Digital

We kicked off the project by deconstructing their print magazine. We tore out pages, cut out styles they used, and examined how they used photography.

We then headed to London to show show the team at Mixmag a prototype of how the website could use web versions of the styles to create immersive articles.

Our team came up with a design that incorporated the most useful of these print assets but also worked on mobile phones, tablets, and traditional computers.

Overnight Results

The impact of the new website was immediately visible. Within the first few weeks of launching page views were up by 300% and we had big ticks next to the other criteria too.

The website handles this increase in traffic by using smart caching techniques. It can handle tens of thousands of simultaneous visitors to a single page without wobbling.

Going Global

With the launch of Mixmag UK and US a success we turned our focus to Mixmag’s international websites.

The network is expected to grow to more than 10 websites in 2016, so it was important that behind-the-scenes the website was scalable and manageable with this growth.

All network sites share a common code base, meaning changes only need to be carried out once and they ripple out across the regional sites. And our smart deployment system means that it takes less than half a day to roll out a new region.

Apple News

Mixmag were chosen by Apple as one of the first publishers to be part of Apple News. The news reading app installed on all iPhones and iPads.

We designed and developed a system that publishes Apple News articles from the same content they’ve added on their website. Content gets pushed to Apple News in less than 3 minutes after going live on the website.

We were invited to Apple’s London Offices to show how the integration worked and to demo how Mixmag are using Apple News.