Getting your charity the donations you need to do good work...

65% of people in the UK have donated to charity within the last year. And 45% of all donations come from online and direct debit signups.

But getting donations online isn't as simple as putting a JustGiving link on a website. You need to tell a story, communicate what you do, and present yourself in an appropriate and trustworthy way.

At The Rye Agency we have experience designing websites for local and nationwide charities including CASE Kent, London Cares and Anthony Nolan.

We work with charities to help them through digital transformation, giving them the tools they need to tell better stories, connect with more people, and get more and higher value donations online.

We also help them find opportunities to be more efficient in both time and spending. For example, by rebuilding North London Cares' donation system we greatly reduced the admin time, reduced payment fees by 5%, and increased the number of people who donate through it.

We're offering free consultation for registered UK charities throughout May. Fill out the form on this page to get started.