A Disclaimer

This isn't a live blog. It's likely not completely accurate. It's an aggregation of what we're hearing and trying to make sense of it all. To an extent, it's Chinese whispers. As we learn more, we will update this post to clarify so that over time it becomes an accurate picture.

To be clear: these aren't official announcements and this is primarily an opinion piece.

A Maker Mentality

Derek Jones has talked at the ExpressionEngine conference about their new maker culture, "We make things. That's all we do. That's all we care to do".

EllisLab seem to favour making their own code, rather than using existing projects. If they make it, they know it.


According to their blog, EllisLab has recently brought in a white hat security firm and helped them identify many security problems which has been fixed. This increased focus on security means that ExpressionEngine will continue to be an attractive option for corporate websites. It also goes back to their maker culture - they make things. If they find a security problem they are in direct control of fixing it - it's their thing to fix. ExpressionEngine has the ability to be in charge of their security.

No more MojoMotor - No More CodeIgniter

MojoMotor (basically "My First ExpressionEngine") has been made a legacy product. This comes after the reintroduction of a free "Core" version of ExpressionEngine and an increased focus on advanced websites over simple weblogs with enhancements to ExpressionEngine 2 such as Grid and the new Relationships view. That's not to say that Core is a replacement for MojoMotor - they are very different beasts. But I see this is a realignment to EllisLab's core focus of ExpressionEngine, while still providing a route for people to use their software with less investment.

CodeIgniter, the framework which powered ExpressionEngine 2 (ExpressionEngine 2 went down it's own path based on CI in the end) has a new owner. The British Columbia Institute of Technology.

These changes should mean that EllisLab's staff can focus their efforts on ExpressionEngine development.

No major Add-On Changes

It's believed that EE3 will come without any major disruption to existing add-ons but would come with some new APIs.

A focus on UI

ExpressionEngine 3 is thought to have a focus on improved UI. We surmise that this means a better control panel that customers prefer to use. ExpressionEngine 2's control panel is functional but clunky in appearance and has been criticised for lagging behind Wordpress, Drupal and Craft in the UI department.

Presumably the biggest change for add-on developers will be making their add-ons look "right" in the new version of ExpressionEngine.

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