We look and discover that a basic bog standard template has been purchased from the net for about £200. No wonder it doesn’t work for the company or customers.

A custom designed ecommerce website will never be cheap but it could be the best investment you will ever make to build your business.

So what do people who like to shop online seven days a week 24/7 look for on an ecommerce site? Well to start an informative front page that represents the product. Children’s clothes and toys can use fun colours and cartoons, elegant accessories for the home need a stylish layout in subtle colours while a site offering CV services must look structured and organised.

Ease of navigation is a given with a Rye site. Add classy photographs, graphics, the option to choose colours, size and quantity of the products and straightforward secure payment guidance and you have a site which will attract and retain your customers.

Compare the rent, staffing and costs of running of even the smallest store in a High Street open during the day and you can see a good ecommerce site is an absolute bargain. Have a look at our ecommerce work examples – then contact us.

* Oxford Economics 2011