Andrew became qualified this week, and other members of our team will be completing the course in over the next month. We're working towards a goal where you can call anybody technical in the office and work with them on getting the most out of your website using their advanced knowledge of Google Analytics.

The qualification lasts for 18 months, and Rye is dedicated to re-training our SEO team on a continuous basis to ensure that we are best placed to help you be found online.

In passing Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) the team have become savvy with:-

  • Working with report data
  • Working with time metrics, traffic sources and content reports
  • Campaign tracking and AdWords Integration
  • Analysis Focus with AdWords
  • Setting goals
  • Filtering analytics
  • Regular Expressions
  • E-Commerce analysis
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Analytics Intelligence
  • Internal site search
  • Event tracking and virtual page views, and
  • Multi-Channel Funnels

In plain English? They really know Google Analytics.

If you're an existing customer, contact us today about how we can help you be more discoverable online - or if you'd like to work with us we'll be more than happy to discuss our SEO and marketing services with you.