Having a good relationship between a client and an agency is vital to the success of a project. If there’s awkwardness in the relationship it makes pretty much everything take longer. And time is money.

So if we can have a way to start to break down these barriers and build better relationships both parties will be able to produce better work, faster, and with a smile on our faces. 

To that point - every Friday after work The Rye Agency team either grabs some drinks and enjoys the balcony sea views, or goes to a local pub (or three). And recently I’ve started inviting people from our client’s and prospective client’s teams to join us.

It’s not for everyone. But I think it’s a great way for both client and agency to get to know each other on a more personal basis. We’re going to be working closely together for a few months - we should try to get over formalities and become colleagues as soon as possible.

It also lets us chat about your business outside of a meeting environment which does a world of good. People tend to speak more freely and honestly. That’s vital to successful marketing. Marketing a lie is futile. Marketing the truth is the path to success. A pub is a communal place where nobody owns the conversation. People who might feel out of place speaking up in a meeting might feel comfortable interjecting over a pint.

Even being away from a computer helps. Without the benefit of being able to quickly test something or see how others handle something, everybody starts to think differently. Problem solving is different (and more creative) when you can’t refer to 100 others solutions.

I guess smart phones can still do that… but phones should be banned from pubs.

Every client is different, and this is just one way that we work closer with clients. But it’s important to us at The Rye Agency to not just churn out boring websites produced in meetings - but to get to know our clients, their business, their problems and make a real difference to make their lives better.

If you want to chat over a pint (or in a meeting room) about the web, feel free to email me at any time: david.roder@rye.agency