BNI operates world wide with over 5,000 Chapters worldwide. Each Chapter comprises just one representative from a profession, trade or type of business. This way members collaborate rather than compete. I joined the Ashford M20 Chapter in April 2009 which holds breakfast meetings at the Holiday Inn Ashford each Wednesday morning. Yes, it does mean getting up and on the road early but it is so worth while. If members can show that commitment just think what they will do for clients at a more conventional hour?

The economic climate in 2011 is not easy; we all have to accept that conditions have changed and that the way a business prospers depends on the positive attitude of mind of the owners and managers. The BNI ethos of working together, investing in new ideas and consolidating relationships is a major contributing factor in the day to day management of Rye through this organisation.

Through my colleagues in BNI I have gained contacts and contracts for we all carry each others’ business cards. We are also able to give personal recommendations based on our confidence that this is a reputable and established firm whose workforce will deliver a high standard of service.

The M20 Chapter is affiliated to the rest of Kent, then the South East Region then the UK then Europe and so on. It’s a bit like the address that was written in school books ending with The Universe. And why not - the sky’s the limit with BNI.