Getting better responses by email

Posted by Emma Browne on 26th April 2016

As an account manager at The Rye Agency I send and receive hundreds of emails each week. 

Here are my tried and tested techniques to get more from email.

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Simple Is Usually Best

Posted by Andrew Fairlie on 25th April 2016

Most people like simple most of the time. 

They like kettles with their simple on/off switch. They like screw top bottles. They like doors that are clear whether they're push or pull (like a car door).

In this post Andrew dissects why simple is usually the way to go, and how things get tricky in the first place.

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Why you might want to reconsider insisting on open source in your RFP

Posted by David Roder on 23rd April 2016

Something that we read quite often in Requests for Proposals, especially from charities and publicly funded projects, is the requirement to use an Open Source CMS. Read on to see why David thinks this isn't always such a good idea...

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Supercharge Macros in Craft CMS

Posted by Andrew Fairlie on 22nd April 2016

In this short post Andrew shares one of his top tips on getting more out of Craft CMS macros.

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Our focus on support

Posted by Emma Browne on 21st April 2016

For the past six months we've been focusing heavily on improving how we handle support for our customers. In this post, Emma shares what we've found so far.

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The unexpected cost of cheap design

Posted by Andrew Fairlie on 20th April 2016

Our job is to make more money for our clients than they spend with us. In this post, Andrew breaks down why sometimes cheap becomes expensive for businesses and why value comes not from the initial cost but the results generated.

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