If you are with Rye you will already have a terrific website but how about your stationery, invoices, compliments’ slips and business cards? Yes, companies do still need to use good old fashioned paper sometimes.

Getting the message across about the style of your business is a cumulative process. Every time your name is seen it reinforces the image. Make sure it is a positive one.

So start with a close look at these essential tools of the trade. Think how design has changed dramatically in the last ten years. Clean lines, a subtle palette of colours an appropriate font even the size of a strapline or slogan can all make an immediate impact. (And if you feel your slogan needs a tweak we have an excellent copywriter we can call on whose work appears regularly in the national press.) With Rye this will of course all complement your website. It will be costed to fit your budget and will show people that you are an on the ball company

Then how about a revamp which will include that really useful gizmo: a “QR Code” You may have seen them as small squares in the corner of advertisements. This is no passing fad but an excellent way of getting your contact details and website URL straight into a potential client’s smart phone with just a quick scan of your card.


In these difficult economic times all expenditure on marketing must be considered most carefully. We at Rye believe this modest outlay will be a most worthwhile investment for your company. Want to chat about it? Get in touch and we will fix up a meeting whenever it suits you. That’s the way Rye works.