But I have a problem with how EllisLab are approaching upgrades from ExpressionEngine 2 to 3.

For most websites you will have to pay an upgrade cost of $149 per ExpressionEngine 2 license.

And I get that, it's a new piece of software and they spent a lot of time and money building it. They deserve to get paid for it.

But this is software pitched to designers (over the end-user). Licenses aren't just bought once as a result of an agency using ExpressionEngine. We directly result in new licenses being bought for every ExpressionEngine website we launch.

If their product is good enough for us to keep using it, there is a constant revenue stream that supports development.

EllisLab also announced that ExpressionEngine 2 retires this time next year. 13th October 2016. At that point it won't be eligible for support, won't update, and won't be available to download.

So in preparation for that it's going to make sense to upgrade the sites. $150 each time. Plus any add-on upgrades. Plus our time to upgrade, update templates and switch add-ons as necessary.

The cost to own an ExpressionEngine site just got a lot more expensive.

I imagine some developers will say the cost is small. And for some clients that's the case. But many of our favourite customers are smaller companies. This cost will be unwelcome, unexpected, and pretty unnecessary.

I wish that EllisLab took a leaf out of Pixel & Tonic's book here. Free upgrades. One click update. Effortless and frictionless.

Let us focus on building more websites, so we (or our clients) can buy more licences from you.