There's a phrase in the web community, "release early - fail often". That's stupid. Why do you want to fail?

What it should be is "release early - learn quickly". Release your website with the bare essentials - the things that are going to actually bring you in business. Then take a breather.

Then remember the green cross code: stop, look, listen. Do this with your website.

Stop: give some time to let people adjust to the change and for usage data to be collected
Look: take a peek into your analytics, see where people drift off or get excited. See your missed opportunities and measure to see if the change was worth it.
Listen: don't have a formal review or feedback system in place, when people tell you something just listen. Don't write it down. Don't file it away. Don't argue with them. Listen. The feedback that really matters will be told to you again and again, so there's no need to ever write it down. The feedback that comes up just once? Well, who cares?

Don't worry about your internal politics or spending months wondering what font looks best. Just put it out there and see how people react.

It's by far better to have a bootstrapped budget which allows for a brilliant small website with an on-going budget to improve it than throwing a huge budget at a project and hoping it goes right.

Approach your website launch like it's your first pancake.