Organised by our buddy Kris Jeary from Squiders, the event was held in the lovely Badgells Wood in Kent. Yep. A web design conference in the woods, what could go wrong? Lots, actually.. but the weather held out, the fire kept going and the generator didn't pack in.

It wasn't just the location that was different from typical web design conferences. There was no corporate sponsorship, no loud pub visits, no B.S. talks. Just really good speakers talking passionately (mostly) away from screens. It was a figuratively and literally a breath of fresh air.

There were five talks about really quite different subject matters - spanning website accessibility, content, mojo, open data and professional failure. There wasn't a yawner-topic in the line-up.

To everyone who spoke: thanks. There was so much food for thought in the talks and it's certainly going to change how I approach things.

Particular thanks to Dan Edwards for the photo used in this post.

Same again next year?