1. Include A Profile Picture

Bear in mind LinkedIn is a network for professionals. Your profile picture should look professional whilst conveying some of your personality. Users with no picture get significantly less views. I’ve seen people have pictures of their kids as their profile picture!

2. Change Your Public URL

It’s much easier to find someone’s profile if the URL is not a bunch of nonsensical digits!

3. Include A Cover Photo

Again, remember this isn’t your personal Facebook so keep the style professional and relevant.

4. Add Your Skills

Your contacts can endorse your skills to add credibility to your profile. Make sure you organise your skills so your strongest and most relevant are featured in your Top Skills section. When editing your skills click and drag them to reorder.

5. Include A Summary

Keep your summary short and to the point. Explain who you are and what you do. Include keywords relevant to your profession/specialisation e.g. a Digital Marketer may mention Web Development or Social Media.

6. Add The Profile Badge

Including a link to your LinkedIn profile on you website will help potential employers/leads/contacts to connect with you and learn more about yourself or your company. Click here to create your profile badge.

7. Add Media To Your Experience Section

LinkedIn encourages users to add documents, photos, links, videos and presentations to their Experience and Education sections. It’s a good idea to showcase your work this way.

8. Join Groups And Follow Companies

By joining groups and following companies you will see their updates and activity on your home page. This allows you to keep a pulse on your industry and keep up to date with the latest relevant news.

9. Be Active

This is the number one way to improve your profile views. The more you comment, like, share and post the more views you are going to receive. Creating interesting posts about your industry (or posting constructive, critical replies) is a good way to make a name in your professional community.

10. Request An Introduction

One of LinkedIns lesser known features is the ability to request an introduction with a potential connection. This allows you to utilize your networks connections to increase your own professional contacts.

The get introduced button can be found in the drop down next to ‘Connect’ when viewing a profile. You’ll be given the option of who you would like to make the introduction, make sure you state your reason for the request!

You're Now All Set Up!

Hopefully following these 10 steps will help you get started on LinkedIn.